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4670 "Parka"


Parka is all bundled up, clutching his skis and waiting for his friends. This skiing bear is produced by Russ Berrie. Size: 7 1/2" tall


2818 "Pennington" bear

"Pennington" bear

Pennington is a beautiful gold bear with a soft brown nose and eyes. His neck is adorned with a sheer gold ribbon and bow. Produced by Russ Berrie,...


2856 "Poppy", burgundy sparkle bear

"Poppy", burgundy sparkle bear

Poppy is an unusually colored bear with its deep purple coat which sparkles and is further enriched by a ribbon of the same color. Poppy has a soft...


4022 "Roland", multi-color bear

"Roland", multi-color bear

Roland is a cute multi-color bear with a blue & green tie dye effect. A unique & cool string plush teddy bear! Produced by Russ Berrie. Size: approx...


"Rosetta", red sparkle bear

"Rosetta", red sparkle bear

Rosetta's color is a lush deep, rich red. This bear is unusual in both is color and sparkle. A deep red/burgundy bow adds a final zing to this...

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4771 "Sandy", golfer in yellow

"Sandy", golfer in yellow

A pale yellow golf shirt with matching white/yellow visor with floral detail and plaid skirt makes Sandy well dressed on the golf course. Produced by...


4509 "The Cast", fisherman doorknob hanger

"The Cast", fisherman doorknob hanger

This fisherman is meant for hanging around. He's holding a fishing pole, with fish attached, over his head. Great to hang in that fisherman's cottage...


1264 "The Kid", cowboy bear

"The Kid", cowboy bear

"The Kid" Cowboy bear is dressed in chaps, red bandana and cowboy hat. Made of very soft kohair and produced by Douglas, The Cuddly Toy company!...


4505 "The Swing", golfer doorknob hanger

"The Swing", golfer doorknob hanger

This golfer is meant for just hanging around. He's holding a club above his head and written on his golf shirt are the words 'Bogey Man'. Produced by...


9022 "Thinking of You"

"Thinking of You"

This purple bear has a warm smile and a reminder that he is "thinking of you" stitched on the front. Produced by create Comfort Beanies, this...


3358 "Winston", executive bear

"Winston", executive bear

Winston is the Executive Bear dressed in a pale blue shirt, green corduroy pants, a paisley tie and holding a briefcase. Produced by Russ Berrie,...
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4632 Alpine Ski Teddy

Alpine Ski Teddy

This little guy is just waiting for some snow. Alpine Teddies are produced by Russ Berrie. Size: 6 1/2" tall


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